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16th March 2019 Presentation

Shire Presentation
16th March 2019

  2017 / 2018   
Winter comp 2017.     
Division. 1.     
Minor Premiers - C. Eng. 2.     
 Paul Hopgood, Kevin McIntosh,Trevor Percival Peter Healey & Don Bex.     
Grandfinalists, MDM.                                   Winners, - C. Eng. 2.  
Mark Dawson Trophy                                  Don Bex Trophy
Lawrence Hensby Trophy                            Peter Healey Emb only
Jabez Johnson Trophy                                Paul Hopgood Trophy & Emb
Rod McGarry Trophy                                  Kevin Mcintosh Emb only
Grant Perry Trophy                                    Trevor Percival Trophy & Emb
Ross Perry Trophy    
Division. 2.     
Minor Premiers - ORSL.     
Ron Brooker, John Hunter, Neil Hunter, Rob Marsh & Lee Miles.      
Grandfinalists, C. Hea. 2.                               Winners, ORSL.  
Jeff Bowen Trophy & Emb                            Ron Brooker Emb only
Chris Fisher Trophy & Emb                           John Hunter Plate & Emb
Warren Hammond Trophy & Jacket               Neil Hunter Plate & Emb
Josh McNamara Trophy & Emb                     Rob Marsh Trophy & Emb
Jason Parkin Trophy & Emb                          Lee Miles Trophy
Troy Van Santen Trophy & Emb    
  Club Championship   
  Winter 2017   
  Oatley RSL.   
"180s" Winter 2017 - Total 12.     
First Time 1 X 1     
Lee Miles, ORSL.     
7 X 1     
Paul Hopgood, C. Eng. Neil Hunter, ORSL. Danny Litchfield, C. Hea, Kevin McIntosh, C. Eng,      
Peter McWilliams, ETE, Trevor Percival, C. Eng, Shane Treleaven, C. Eng.     
2 X 2     
Don Bex, C. Eng, Dave Taylor, HTH.     
Handicap Singles.   September 2017.     
Grandfinalist.                                             Winner.  
Grant Perry, MDM. Trophy                         Wayne Saunders, C. Eng. Trophy & Emb.
  Leona Hunter Appreciation Award   
  Awarded to the lady who wins most singles games in a comp.   
  Roz Butt   
  Club Heathcote   
  Hugh Williams Memorial Trophy.   
  Most improved player.   
  Josh McNamara   
  Club Heathcote   
  Summer comp 2018.   
Summer Comp 2018     
Division. 1.     
Minor Premiers - C. Eng. 2.     
Peter Healey, Paul Hopgood,Kevin McIntosh, Trevor Percival & Don Bex.     
Grandfinalists, CHH.                                      Winners, C. Eng. 2  
Phil Astill Trophy                                           Don Bex Trophy.
Shane Dash Trophy                                       Peter Healey Trophy & Emb.
Dave Harrison Trophy                                    Paul Hopgood Trophy & Emb.
Garry Marshall Trophy                                    Kevin McIntosh Trophy & Emb.
Rory Talbot Trophy    
Division. 2.     
Minor Premiers - Club Heathcote.     
Anne Bamforth, Simon Bamforth, Roz Butt, Sandy Ireland, George Megisidis, Darren Pugh & Paul Williamson      
Grandfinalists, BHS.                                        Winners, C. Hea.  
Bob Dunphy Trophy.                                      Anne Bamforth Trophy & Jacket
John King Trophy.                                         Simon Bamforth Jacket
Maz Lubinski Trophy.                                     Roz Butt Trophy & Jacket
Steve Parker Trophy.                                     Sandy Ireland Trophy & Emb
Karl Prince Trophy.                                        George Megisidis Trophy & Jacket
Tim Wilkinson Trophy.                                    Darren Pugh Trophy & Emb
                                                                     Paul Williamson Trophy & Jacket
  Club Championships   
  Summer 2018   
  Centennial Hotel    
"180s" Summer 2018 - Total - 16     
First Time,   2 x 1     
Ty Foster, MDM. Rod McGarry, MDM.     
First Time, 2 x 2      
Darren Pugh, C. Hea. Harrison Perry, MDM.      
1 X 6     
Peter Healey, C. Eng. Danny Litchfield, C. Hea. Terry Maney, HTH. Kevin Mcintosh, C. Eng.     
Lee Miles, ORSL. Ross Perry, MDM.     
2 X 2     
Garry Marshall, CHH. Wayne Saunders, C. Eng.     
Handicap Drawn Doubles.   27 / 3 / 18     
Grandfinalists.                                                    Winners.  
Josh McNamara C. Hea Trophy & Emb                  Ron Mitchell C. Eng Trophy & Emb
Darren Pugh C. Hea Jacket & Trophy                    Lee Miles ORSL Trophy
Handicap Singles.     
Grand Finalist                                                     Winner  
Shane Treleaven ETE                                           Rod McGarry MDM  
  Leona Hunter Appreciation Award   
  Awarded to the lady who wins  most singles games in the comp.   
  Shelley Bates.   
  Boyles Hotel Sutherland   
  Hugh Williams Memorial Trophy.   
  Most improved player.   
  Darren Pugh   
  Club Heathcote   

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